Kenyan agri-tech startup Twiga Foods secures $29.4m IFC debt funding to assist its farmers

Kenya agri-tech startup Twiga Foods has secured KES3.2 billion (US$29.4 million) in debt funding from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to support more than 300 irrigated medium-scale contract farmers to complement Twiga’s seasonal smallholder farmer supply base. Founded in 2014, Twiga Foods is a business to business food distribution company that builds fair and reliable […]

Twiga Foods now sets sights on East, West African markets

Twiga Foods will early next year expand to the East and West African regions as it seeks to grow its market share on the continent. Twiga’s chief growth officer Stephen Ananda said the expansion seeks to provide access to low cost, high quality food products in African cities. “We consider East and West Africa expansion […]

How Twiga Foods reduces the price of food in Nairobi using technology

The price of food is a significant source of risk in developing economies across Africa – where data is available, it is estimated that Africans spend upwards of 40% of their household income on food. On the supply side, more than 50% of Africa’s workforce relies on the agricultural sector for their livelihood, income, and […]

Twiga Foods is Helping Families During COVID-19

What is Twiga Foods? Twiga Foods emerged in 2014 as a mobile-based food distribution company. What it does is source produce from local farmers and manufacturers. Suppliers can post their produce online so vendors can order it at an affordable price. Today, Twiga employs about 4,000 suppliers and about 35,000 vendors. Fast Company has listed […]

Twiga Foods Gets $5 Million to Improve Food Security in Kenya

Kenya’s fruits and vegetable delivery company, Twiga Foods, has received a $5 million loan from the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to improve food security in Kenya. The investment from DFC seeks to empower smallholder farmers and urban produce vendors (especially women) to have access to markets and also to improve the agricultural […]

Banana deal promises bright future for farmers

Arusha. A Kilimanjaro-based Mackjaro yesterday became the first beneficiary of the newfound banana trading partnership between farmers and export-oriented buyers.Kenya-based Twiga Foods, which distributes 100 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables across Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu daily, has already promised to start buying at least eight tonnes of raw bananas through the Kilimanjaro-based firm.This […]

Fast Company – Twiga Foods

Kenya based Twiga foods, founded in 2014, works to connect farmers with vendors to allow for food to be sourced and delivered across Kenya. With a team of more than 400, this business-to-business marketplace is mobile based, and raised $10 million in 2018. Through their mobile platform, farmers can post produce that vendors can then […]

Twiga Foods upgrades platform to allow longer online trading hours

Technology food distribution platform Twiga Foods is upgrading its vendor platform to allow members to open multiple shops under one account and extend the hours they can actively trade. Twiga said that vendors will also get access to business support via loans and insurance, more products as well as earn cash back when they shop […]

Peter Njonjo wants to change the way food moves in Africa

My Life In Tech is putting human faces to some of the innovative startups, investments, and policy formations driving the technology sector across Africa. Peter Njonjo started his first business in high school. He noticed a problem; the school canteen was too far from the dormitories.  Every day, he and his classmates made the tiresome […]

Twiga Foods diversifies to rice supplies on demand

Agri-tech company Twiga Foods is diversifying into rice distribution as demand rises among retailers. The start-up, which currently supplies fruits, cooking oil and snacks through a mobile-based platform has added Soko Yetu rice brand to its portfolio, with a 25 kilo retailing at Sh1,970. This comes at a time when Kenya’s national rice consumption is […]