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Kiosks, produce stands and kibandas are using Soko Yetu to get direct access to fresh foods, products and vendor support 24-hours a day.

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Manufacturers, both big and small, are using Soko Solution to access a modern and efficient supply chain solution that offers speed, reliability, lower warehousing and distribution cost of last mile delivery for their business.

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What People are Saying


Twiga foods prices are fair thus helping me boost my business to grow, the goods supplied, and customer service is satisfactory!

Monica Kanda
Twiga Vendor Eldoret


There are challenges in the market, but Twiga provides the products that I need. Twiga provides products of different grades and keeps my customers coming back.

John Mwangi
Twiga Vendor Nakuru


I am a Twiga vendor for the last 4 ½ years, and I am happy to be a Twiga vendor as they supply all my goods in the morning at no extra cost. I will continue being a Twiga customer as they always deliver all my requirements.

Peter Njau
Twiga Vendor Kiambu


There are many companies that supply goods, but my preference is Twiga since their products are of the highest quality, and they deliver at my doorstep thus making running my business safe and convenient.

Samuel Nyakundi
Twiga Vendor Eldoret


Ordering online is easier and fast through the Soko yetu platform with affordable pricing that allows us to grow our business.

Twiga Vendor Nakuru


Getting food products is very important for me to satisfy my catering customers and that is why I order from Twiga foods.

Martha Mugure
Twiga Vendor Nakuru


Twiga prices are affordable and working with them is convenient as they deliver right at my doorstep allowing my business to grow.

Faith Wangari
Twiga Vendor Nakuru


I used to struggle going into the town centre to get my products but with Twiga I get my products conveniently right at my doorstep.

Paul Mwangi
Twiga Vendor

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Transforming African Retail

Twiga is a technology-driven company that connects consumers, vendors and suppliers, providing access to high quality foods, products and retail services in Africa.

Twiga Distribution Center

Streamline your supply chain

Suppliers and manufacturers don’t have to wait for the market to open or stretch their resources to reach their customers.

Vendors are shopping 24-hours a day on our Soko Yetu platform. Twiga puts your goods in the hands of vendors more efficiently, ensuring greater satisfaction for your customers and more stable growth for your business.

Twiga Supply Chain
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Twiga Uplifting Vendors and Communities

Uplifting Vendors and Communities

With the best prices and outstanding customer support, our services are improving the quality of life for vendors and making high quality food more afforable for consumers.

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