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Twiga committed to Sustaining Customer Inclusion

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Customer Experience is the key differentiator in a competitive landscape. At Twiga, we place a high premium on our number 1 core value of Customer First. Customer First means that everything we do is centred in growing value for our vendors by meeting and exceeding their expectations on product quality, pricing, and delivery efficiency.

Yebeltal Getachew (YG), Twiga CEO East Africa, believes that the customer’s journey from when they first interact with the brand, learn how to use the digital platform, make an order, wait, to the moment of paying for the products which we must ensure are of high quality, them coming back to do the same is what creates a loop which then determines the true essence of how important customer experience is to the brand.

ICX Chairman, Joseph Choge explains customer experience as that touch with the customer which is very critical as it spans the lifetime of a customer all the way from onboarding to the actual experience of your product to the aftermath of whether they are going to tell another person about your brand which serves as a critical factor to motivate you to ensure that you provide a great customer experience.

Customer Service Week 2022 with Twiga Foods and Institute of Customer Experience

In partnership with the Institute of Customer Experience (ICX), Twiga is proud to roll out its Customer Service Week 2022 deliberate to uphold this year’s theme of Sustaining Customer Inclusion. For us, what it means is that we are intentional in taking their needs, comments, and feedback positively and constructively to ensure that from the time they use our platform to stock up their businesses to the point of fulfilment, we not only achieve the later but ensure that they come back and continue using our services.


We are keen to rethink, re imagine and reinvent the customer experience engagement with the customer at the centre. It is important to not only collect customer feedback but to collate and ‘listen’ to what the feedback is saying, and to use the very customer feedback to improve operations and services.

Effective Customer Inclusion will provide tangible evidence, that the organizational relationship is not one sided but a valued partnership. This will signal an interdependence that elevates customer loyalty and retention. The power lies more in the opportunity for customers` to participate in their journeys, with the icing on the cake being co-created experiences.


Twiga commits to continuously sustain customer inclusion by incorporating their thoughts and opinions which is important for us to achieve excellence that is critical in today’s increasingly competitive environment. It is desirable for all to embrace this theme and tie it to strategic objectives and implementation plans.


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