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Introducing Twiga’s Logistics Market Place

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Twiga Logistics Market Place

Twiga Foods, Isuzu East Africa and NCBA Bank on 5th October 2022 – through a strategic partnership – flagged off 15 commercial trucks to boost affordability and safe delivery of fresh produce to retailers across the region. 

The project dubbed Logistics Market Place will see up to 300 trucks being released into the market in phases.


Isuzu LMP Trucks ath Flag Off
Part of the fleet of the Isuzu LMP Trucks at the project’s Flag Off ceremony

Twiga’s distribution network is one of the keys to keeping the agri-food system functioning and we rely heavily on the trucking and transportation industry to make that happen. The trucking and transportation system is entrenched in the strength, safety, and viability of our entire food value chain

The Logistics Market Place seeks to optimize logistics operations and develop a competitive edge in last-mile distribution. The marketplace is focused on creating a self-sustainable ecosystem of solutions highlighting efficiency, growth, and sustainability.

The new product offers the general public and opportunity to purchase the latest model of Isuzu NRM 85 trucks with a bold new design that offers the highest load carrying capacity, largest deck length and longest range to transverse maximum distance. This is achievable through asset financing provided by NCBA and upon purchase, Twiga will register suppliers, assign vehicles & drivers to routes and monitor fuel.


Making an investment in the market place offers you service provisions that will be managed by Twiga including;

  • Guaranteed Trip & Vehicle Placement
  • Access to new vehicles hence longer useful life
  • Lower vehicle and general maintenance costs
  • Nationwide vehicle service stations
  • Fuel covered by Twiga


How to sign up

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Twiga issues Introductory Letter
  3. Isuzu Ltd issues pro-forma invoice
  4. Investor applies for asset financing through NCBA
  5. Credit review and loan approval by NCBA
  6. Joint registration documents submitted to Isuzu
  7. Release letter issued by NCBA to Isuzu & Twiga
  8. Logistics Service contract issued by Twiga Foods
  9. Investor vehicle collection & job placement by Twiga
  10. NCBA pays Isuzu the loan proceeds as per final invoice


An investment in Twiga’s Logistics Market Place offers various key benefits like;

  • Monthly income of Kshs 135,000
  • New Vehicle with longer lifetime and low maintenance needs
  • Discounted unit price and cheaper financing terms
  • 4-year cover for General Service and Maintenance
  • Negotiated insurance cover inclusive of goods in transit and fidelity guarantee
  • Residual value of +500K to 2mn
  • Overall return of +50% with only 10% investment


Upon successful onboarding, Twiga will progressively ensure that;

  • We remit contract proceeds for the respective clients to their respective loan accounts
  • Monthly instalments & insurance will be picked from clients’ current accounts


Isuzu EA CEO, NCBA CEO and Twiga CEO East Africa at LMP Flag Off
Isuzu EA Managing Director Rita Kavashe, NCBA’s Group Managing Director John Gachora and Twiga CEO, East Africa Yebeltal Getachew (YG) at LMP Flag Off


Transportation continues to play an integral role in our entire food supply chain and we need to ensure that the food production system operates effectively. We are thrilled that the new model of trucks will expand both the food production system and distribution capacities across Africa.

The Twiga Logistics Market Place serves as a great opportunity for any investor to support development of a fleet pipeline through financing while benefiting the supplier’s profit story.

For more information about how you can sign up to the Logistics Market Place, send an email to [email protected] 

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