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Twiga maintains Corporate Transformation Initiatives to enhance Efficiency, Sustain Profitability and Unlock Value

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Twiga Agent with Vendor


Twiga Foods Ltd (“Twiga”) is a leading B2B e-commerce technology firm in Africa providing affordable high-quality goods & services to retailers.

The business has undertaken strategic operating adjustments to enhance its service delivery capacity over the past few months. This has been influenced by the current business environment where people’s purchasing power continues to decline.

The company has been on this transformative path to become a lean, agile, cost-efficient organization, undertaking several interventions to adopt and sustain the business during these economic times. As part of these efficiency interventions, the company has reviewed its operating model and costs to ensure its organization structure is fit for purpose.

Regrettably, this exercise has seen the company declare some roles redundant across the organization in full compliance with applicable labour laws. The review has further necessitated the resizing of its operating model across its regions.

Twiga’s transformed operating strategy, process re-engineering, supplier support, and talent optimization is being set into motion with the company setting its sights on a future where Africa’s food security is radically transformed by technology. The company guarantees all customers, suppliers, staff, and stakeholders that Twiga is on course to revolutionize our industry, create lasting value, and make a positive impact on the region.


About Twiga Foods Ltd

Twiga Foods Ltd is a technology-driven company that connects consumers, vendors, and suppliers, providing access to high-quality foods, products, and retail services in Africa.

For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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