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The Soko Yetu Agent Model is here to Create New Viable Income and Profit Opportunities

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Sunday, 6th November 2022 – Twiga Foods is keen on building a supply chain model that becomes the back-office for every shop and retailer in Africa. Many kiosk and duka owners have to contend with receiving supply from multiple wholesalers and middle men, making it expensive to stock product, and in the case of fresh produce, impacting quality. In some cases, the retailer is also forced to pay cash for product delivered and with the current inflation, they end up not stocking most of the products their customers need, because they simply don’t have enough capital.

Introducing Soko-Yetu-Agent

To help address this challenge, Twiga is launching the Soko Yetu Agent model, that allows anyone to register and start recruiting duka and kiosk owners in their neighbourhoods to join the Twiga supply chain. Once the retailer places an order, Twiga will deliver all the products within 24 hours and also provide financial support to the customer so that they can stock up (subject to terms and conditions). As an agent, you will receive an initial list of potential customers, a significant part of whom are already active on the Twiga platform.

By building a strong relationship and driving growth in your neighbourhood, you will receive an attractive commission for every sale that happens within your allocated customer base, paid out in full every week.

Take advantage of this opportunity and register below, to start earning from all the retailers in your neighbourhood. Become a Soko Yetu Agent!

Sign up below as a Soko Yetu Agent today!

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