You can now self-register on SOKO YETU Platform!

By reagan on August 12, 2020

Over the years, Twiga has been creating an efficient supply chain delivering fresh and manufactured products directly to retailers. In November of last year, we changed how our customers order from Twiga, where our salespeople would go and collect orders to having a digital portal from which they can place orders directly (   

When we introduced this portal, a customer could only register with the help of a Twiga Sales Rep. This allowed us to manage the number of people who could enrol on the platform, while we worked on ensuring that the system was stable, and we included business critical functionality.  

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic came about with many challenges both to our business operations and that of our customers. To our business operations, the reduced mobility of people during this period impacted the ability of our sales teams to visit customers and offer solutions to their business. To our customers, the disruption of supply to their businesses and inability to access working capital to stock their shops as most financial institutions stopped issuing of loans. It is for this reason that we decided to automate the process allowing the vendors to self-register. The system today allows customers to register themselves by visiting the site directly.  It is fully integrated with M-Pesa and now, in partnership with financial institutions, you can now get a loan for your business still within the app. Customers get to to place their orders, have them delivered to their shops at a competitive price with no additional delivery charges. The system allows the customers to pay for everything using M-Pesa, making it extremely convenient. In addition, customers get to qualify for an automatic loan of upto 5,000 with the potential to grow the limit to 100,000 depending on how well one manages their payment (T&C apply). 

Selfregistration will increase the number of vendors using the platform adding to the over 15,000 active vendorsThese vendors will add to the over 140 routes and over 15 active depots that already serve Nairobi, parts of Machakos and parts of Thika and will allow Twiga to expand its operations within and outside Kenya. 

Twiga guarantees its customers access to quality produce sourced from local farmers and manufacturers, handled professionally and at good prices.  

 There are 2 ways to register as a Twiga vendor: 

  1. Go to and register yourself on the ‘Create Account’ button as shown below. (ensure you are inside your retail premises)
  2. SMS TWIGA to 20414, you will receive an SMS containing a direct link to the self-registration page. 

The whole process takes 1 minute and once successfully registered, you receive your CUSTOMER/ SHOP ID and PIN via SMS.  

It is IMPORTANT that as you register, you are at you shop location as this will be the location where your order is delivered the following day.